Terms And Conditions
1) Emfours E-Commerce Pvt.Ltd. is a company which hereinafter could be referred as to “ Emfours” for  the sake of brevity.

2) Gath-Bhet is a registered trade mark which is owned by Emfours. Gath-Bhet is a service which is provided, controlled and regulated by Emfours.

3) Gath-Bhet is unique platform, which only provide services. It is not at all directly or indirectly  indulged between the transactions which take place between the consumer and the service provider .

4) The consumer and the service provider are themselves responsible for any service, quantity- quality of the material, Commercial/business 
transaction, mode of payment and the place of payment  or the genuineness/quality of  any service  which may be provided  through Gath-Bhet.

5) Registration is free however, subscription charges will be made applicable at appropriate time and which would be applicable by default from the date when Emfours desires to make them applicable.

6) Emfours reserves right to block/ stop/ ban any service which may be provided through its platform which is running contrary to the terms and conditions or which is in contrary to the provisions of any law for time being inforce in India/Maharashtra.

7) Emfours also reserves right to cancel membership of any individual who is indulged in any kind of illegal or immoral activities through Gath-Bhet.

8) Any changes in any of the Govt.Rules/Policies in respect of any services or other things available / provided on Gath-Bhet would apply by default.

9) Government service tax charges or any other tax/charges would be by default applicable to everyone.

10) Any person, Company, organization infringing the trademark or copy-righted items of Emfours would be strictly prosecuted.

11) Any person engaged in any activity by using the services / data available on Gath-Bhet thereby causing loss to Emfours would also be liable to be prosecuted.

12) Emfours reserves rights to either include or to reject any service from being part of Gath-Bhet.

13) All commercial transactions with Emfours would be done only through the bankers /financial institutions prescribed by Emfours. Any commercial transaction done otherwise than through bankers would wholly be at the risk of the concerned. Emfours would not at all the responsible for the same.

14) Confirmation of the completion of registration would be given on the concerned register mobile number or E-mail i-d through the registered number of Emfours. Registrations process is also available off line.

15) Emfours is not responsible for any advertise, representation Logo, copy right material which would be displayed or uploaded by any member and it would be appropriate to test the correctness on your own.

16) Emfours would not be responsible for any difference in the quality/quantity of service which may be provided by any service provider contrary to the display available on Gath-bhet.

17) The uploading of the information on each section may take time and the information regarding to the  same would be available with  the concerned section/department.

18) Any change in the mobile number/E-mail I-d registered with the Emfours should immediately  be given to Emfours and should also be corrected in the concerned profile registered with Emfours. Emfours would not be responsible for any dispute which may arise for want of above correction.

19) Emfours  will  not share  any personal information. Any message or information sought to be shared through the concerned Event Department, will have to be first approved by Emfours.

20) Information in event section would be displayed by default based on the information given by the subscriber. Any subscriber who does not wish to his personal information would be displayed regarding birth date etc. to be displayed will have to take appropriate option at the time of subscription.

21) Any changes in Rules-Regulations, Terms and conditions about the service Gath-Bhet provided by Emfours will be displayed on the website, application and would be applicable by default from the time of their display. It is recommended to be updated about the same voluntarily.

22) Emfours would not the responsible for any incidence  or illegal or immoral act which may take place as result of display of any  illegal or immoral material on its website or application uploaded by any individual without getting confirmation from Emfours .

23) Emfours reserves right to withdraw or cancel any of the terms & conditions mentioned above and also to amend or add to the same.

24) All the terms and conditions in detail, disclaimer and privacy policy available at www.Gathbhet.in .

25) Subscription  of Gathbhet is voluntary and at the sweet choice of the subscriber. Subscription however is non - refundable.

26) Any dispute arising out of any service provided on Gathbhet would be amenable to Shrirampur jurisdiction only.

27) Any complaint about the service of Emfours strictly would be amenable to District Consumer Redressal Forum at Ahmednagar.

                                                        // Declaration //
    I have carefully read and understood the above terms and conditions and those are accepted unconditionally by me. I voluntarily agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions  for the confirmation of which I accept the same hereunder.

We suggest you go through our policies carefully, and keep visiting for updates.